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You can click on the links below to donload current version (1.5.1)  PowerBuilder 6.5  files are approx 300KB each


What is SOHO 2000 ?

Soho 2000 is Business Support system intended for use in small to medium companies. It is entirely written in Sybase's PowerBuilder with data model designed in Sybase's PowerDesigner data modeler. The download package consists of .PBL libraries (PowerBuilder version 6.5), data model in PowerDesigner 6.1 and sample database (SQL Anywhere version 5)

Although no extension has been used to ANSI-92 SQL (Transact SQL/Watcom SQL) I haven't been able to port it to Microsoft Access (.MDB) database or any other for that matter (It requires some significant hacking which I am not overly enthusiastic to undertake)


Back in 1998 a Company named MCO Software decided to switch from legacy COBOL system to desktop applications with Microsoft Windows and PowerBuilder 5.0. At that time I was employed by MCO Software. The Idea behind our development was to develop the common class library with common data model to be used throughout other development process. We have designed a small business support application named SOHO-98 that is to be a base for future development.

After some time we realized that our present design is too complex and we got engaged in other development activities, largely using the predesigned elements of SOHO-98 so little by little the whole project was put back in the drawer, never to be developed. Company continued development now based on PowerBuilder's PFC and completely new custom library and data model code-named "R2" coming from "REFLEX version 2" (since complete library of SOHO-98 was called "REFLEX v1" code named "R1")

Before I left the MCO Software I've acquired the exclusive copyright of "Reflex v1" and SOHO-98 source code and any derivates. SOHO-98 was not originally in English which I've translated (a good part of it), fixed some serious bugs, scrapped most of unusable parts and brought it to a SOHO-2000 version.

Lately I was getting to busy doing other things so I wasn't finding much time to play with SOHO and I saw it again returning to the "drawer" which is very bad idea.

Personally I would really like to see someone joining me in a quest to fix this application and make it run.


1. Unpack soho in whichever folder you want (ie. "c:\soho" )

2. Subst drive X to the chosen path (ie. subst x: c:\soho)

3. Setup your SQL Anywhere 5.0 ODBC entry to point to r1.db

4. Start powerbuilder

5. Choose reflex.pbl from installation folder

6. Edit properties - libraries

7. Include all of them

8. Save

9. ROCK !

PS. Username & Password are "demo"

SOHO 2000 abides to the GNU GPL (General Public Licence) that means, you are free to copy it and use it at your own risk but you may not sell it or include it in your commercial (closed source-code) products. If you want to change it you must distribute your changes in source code with clearly stated when and what did you change. The full licence is part of distribution package.


Nothing so far, first we shall see if there is any genuine interest and then we shall make TO-DO lists :-)

Other stuff
You may contact me upon need on my e-mail address soho@soho.freeservers.com however I do not provide any training, support or tutoring with SOHO and all messages of this nature shall be IGNORED
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